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  • Baffle Plate SUBARU EJ20/25

    The NS Custom Parts Subaru Baffle Plate helps to reduces the chance of engine failure through oil starvation and it’s a must for those driving fast road, track days, rallying, or sprint events.

  • CNC Subaru Closed Deck Modification

    Due to the free, non-reinforced volume around the shirts, these blocks are prone to cracking of the shirts under heavy loads. That is why we are modifying any type of block EJ25, EJ20, etc. in “closed deck”.

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    Fuel Rail Kit Subaru 2000-2007

    The NS Custom Parts Subaru Fuel Rail Kit is specifically designed for “top feed” style fuel injectors and is configurable for various fuel line installation scenarios. Each fuel rail is machined from solid aluminum and features an anodized finish for lasting durability. Each kit includes dash 6 AN fittings that will allow you to install fuel lines of your choice.

  • SUBARU 1999-2008 – Phenolic Thermal Manifold Spacers

    NS Custom Parts Phenolic Intake Manifold Spacers for Subaru, lift the intake manifold away from the hot engine and reduce the heat transfer. The intake manifolds and Cylinder Heads are made of aluminum, which quickly and easily transfer heat. The … Read More

  • SUBARU 2.5 (1992-1998) – Phenolic Thermal Manifold Spacers

    [:en]Greatly reduces the transfer of heat from engine to…..[:bg]Дистанционните спейсъри на NS Custom Parts, повдигат на разстояние всмукателният колектор от нагорещеният двигател и намаляват предаването…[:]

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    SUBARU Air/Oil Separator

    An Air/Oil Separator is a great way to remove oil from your car’s intake system. In addition to having a clean system, you will prevent possible detonations. The NS Custom Parts Separator for Subaru is a very good and convenient … Read More

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    Subaru Alternator Relocation Kit

    The NS Custom Parts Relocation Kit is designed to help the vehicle builder create space at the drive belt system in order to reverse the intake manifold so the throttle body faces forward. This is a common practice for vehicles which utilize a rotated turbo system or custom intercooler setups.

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    SUBARU Crank Pulley

    The NS Custom Parts Crank Pulley weighs just 586 grams, making it almost 1600 grams lighter than the original OEM Pulley. The removal of mass at the crankshaft is equal to about 200 kilograms of lightness of the whole car. … Read More

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    Subaru EGR Delete Kit

    The EGR Delete Kit allows you to eliminate the OEM EGR system. Eliminating the EGR will result in a cleaner engine by not having the EGR dump deposits of carbon and soot into your engine.

  • SUBARU Engine Mounts

    When increasing horse power, engine torque causes engine to move excessively, thus placing extra load on the transmission and transmission mounts. This upgrade helps to decrease these loads, and is also a better solution when replacing old factory mounts which wear out in time.

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    SUBARU Oil Cap

    The Aluminum Oil Cap for Subaru is the perfect finish to the look of your engine compartment. Made of 6063 T6 aluminum alloy, grooved for convenience, anodized in black or aluminum.