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  • Adapter Kit For Chevrolet LS1/LS3/LSX to BMW Gearbox

    Adapter Kit for LS engine Single Mass Flywheel to BMW 6 speed gearbox Chevrolet LS1 / LS7 / LS3 Gearbox – BMW M20 / M50 / M52 / M54 / S50 / S52 / S54 / M57

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    BMW 6MT Single Mass Flywheel

    ✅Chrome-Moly Flywheel ✅Balanced before shipment ✅OEM Replace ✅11kg Weight Fitment: BMW 330Ci 2003 BMW 330Ci Clutch Flywheel From 3/2003 2004 BMW 330Ci Clutch Flywheel 2005 BMW 330Ci Clutch Flywheel 2006 BMW 330Ci Clutch Flywheel BMW 330i 2003 BMW 330i Clutch … Read More

  • BMW Coolant Water Transfer Pipe Tube for N62

    Allows replacement of the original coolant pipe, without disassembling the entire engine.

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    BMW E30 – Hub Conversion Kit (5×120)

    High quality hub conversion kit for all BMW E30 models, to convert to use the wheel hubs from BMW E36 and E46 models with 5 x 120 PCD.

  • BMW E30 5×120 Conversion Kit And Trailing Arm Camber Kit

    BMW E30 5×120 Conversion Kit And Trailing Arm Camber Kit   When the E30-based rear suspension, including the Z3 and E36 318ti is lowered, camber and toe measurements are affected negatively and dramatically – to the point that tire wear … Read More

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    BMW E30/Z3 – Trailing Arm Camber/Toe Adjustment Kit

    Our Trailing Arm Camber/Toe Adjustment Kit gives your E30 or Z3 a fully-adjustable rear suspension. Whether you need to get your modified car back to stock alignment specs or if you need adjustable geometry to maximize the suspension on your track car, this kit will get you there.

  • BMW E36 Steel Side Mount Brackets

    The BMW E36 Steel Side Mount Brackets are used to attach a sport seat to the car’s floor. They can be adjusted precisely to suit each individual application. Wide slots in mounting flange to accommodate differing seat widths and seating … Read More

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    BMW E36/E46 Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arm

    Use these arms when you need a wider camber adjustment range and want to eliminate the play that plagues the rear suspension of these models. Replace the weak, non-adjustable factory control arm with these adjustable arms which allow both positive and negative camber adjustment. They are fully adjustable for a wide range of camber settings.

  • BMW E46 Bump Steer Correction Kit

    The kit is designed to eliminate the common steering issues associated with the low ride height of the race car suspension. It is designed to appropriately space down the tie rods from factory spec to help eliminate bump steer. These kits can give your BMW an edge on the track and when you drift.

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    BMW E46 Racing Seat Floor Adapters

    This adapters allow you to change and tailor your driving position, but it also gives you the ability to get your racing seat closer to the transmission tunnel for better fit and better weight distribution. These are lightweight mounts and are incredibly strong, and are compatible with sliders.

  • BMW E92 Engine Mounts

    Under hard braking and cornering the factory rubber mounts allow the engine lean forward and move from side to side. Our solid Cast Polyurethane Engine Mounts will keep everything in place, dramatically changing the responsiveness of your BMW.

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    BMW E92 Side Mount Brackets

    The BMW E92 Steel Side Mount Brackets are used to attach a sport seat to the car’s floor.