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  • Gearbox Adapter Plate BMW M57 to Nissan Patrol Y60

    Aluminum adapter plate designed for the conversion of the BMW M57 engines with the Nissan Patrol Y6 gearboxes.

  • Nissan 200sx – Front Steer Adjustable Tie Rod Kit

    NS Custom Parts Front Steer Adjustable Tie Rod Kit allow the tie rod end pivot to be relocated, which will correct bumpsteer resulting from modified caster or lower arm geometry, thus reducing lap times.

  • Nissan 200sx Gearbox Mount

    The uprated polyurethane Gearbox Mount for Nissan is a direct replacement for the standard item, but is much stiffer, holding the engine and gearbox steady. This gives a more direct feel and sharpens up throttle response as you’re not waiting for the tired and sloppy standard mounts to twist and compress before turning the propshaft.

  • Nissan Solid Steering Shaft Spacer

    The NS Custom Parts alloy steering shaft bushing will increase your steering response. The feedback that the stock steering rack provides to the driver can sometimes be a bit unpredictable, but with this product response is transferred all the time. A must for track, drift and fast road use.

  • Solid Flywheel conversion BMW M57 to NISSAN Patrol Y61 GR 3.0

    NS Custom Parts designed a Solid Flywheel for the conversion of BMW M57 engines to NISSAN Patrol Y61 gearboxes.