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  • BMW E30 5×120 Conversion Kit And Trailing Arm Camber Kit

    BMW E30 5×120 Conversion Kit And Trailing Arm Camber Kit   When the E30-based rear suspension, including the Z3 and E36 318ti is lowered, camber and toe measurements are affected negatively and dramatically – to the point that tire wear … Read More

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    BMW E30/Z3 – Trailing Arm Camber/Toe Adjustment Kit

    Our Trailing Arm Camber/Toe Adjustment Kit gives your E30 or Z3 a fully-adjustable rear suspension. Whether you need to get your modified car back to stock alignment specs or if you need adjustable geometry to maximize the suspension on your track car, this kit will get you there.

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    BMW E36/E46 Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arm

    Use these arms when you need a wider camber adjustment range and want to eliminate the play that plagues the rear suspension of these models. Replace the weak, non-adjustable factory control arm with these adjustable arms which allow both positive and negative camber adjustment. They are fully adjustable for a wide range of camber settings.

  • BMW Front Control Arm Bushings

    NS Custom Parts Front Control Arm Bushings have the hole off-center to give your car a little more caster, and camber. The offset style bushing came standard on E30 M3s and the 1995 E36 M3, but will work with any E30, E36, or Z3.